The Midnight Ride of Santa Claus

An original work created by
Lance Micklus

Nine year old Carolyn Whitmore was looking forward to Christmas until an auto accident killed both her parents, leaving Carolyn badly injured, homeless, and abandoned. When Santa hears of her situation, he asks his two best teddy bear friends, Theodore and Tilly-Bear, to help him make this the best Christmas ever for little Carolyn.

This project is currently looking for $100 million in funding to turn this script into a motion picture. It is an ideal project for production in digital 3D. Persons with a serious intent to produce a major motion picture with strong Christian themes should contact Lance Micklus by E-Mail using the special secured link provided. A non-discloser agreement must be signed and returned before copies of the story synopsis, a production ready movie script, and other related materials will be forwarded.

On June 29, 2012 Lance Micklus retired from Gardener's Supply Company of Burlington, Vermont to pursue his vision of making a motion picture that retells the legend of Santa Claus. In this video Lance talks about the project, how it came into being, and where it's headed.

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The Midnight Ride of Santa Claus is an original work created and copyrighted
by Lance Micklus. All rights reserved.

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